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The Force Awakens in new Star Wars Revell toys! INTERVIEW



Today's Guest: Lou Aguilera, VP/GM of legendary scale model maker Revell, Inc., which has a license to manufacturer exclusive 'Star Wars' toys from 'Episode VII The Force Awakens.’ Order “Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens” scale model toys by Revell: LOU AGUILERA podcast excerpt: "The scale model design process for Star Wars toys start with Disney and the company that designs the props for the movie. We work directly with them to get access to CAD (computer aided design) data they use to design the actual props for the movie. We give those files and photos to our engineers. Then we decided how to break each model up and into how many pieces: 'Are we designing a product for a 6-year-old? Or for an adult? There are lots of decisions we make along the way. As we do that, we think, 'What's the assembly process going to be for the user?' For a 6-year-old, bigger pieces for smaller hands. For an adult, we can get into more intricate detail and smaller pieces.”Key Interview Moments:• 10