When Meghan Met Harry

#22: It Took a Lifetime



The final episode BEFORE the wedding. Kristen and James are torn: The BIG day is just days away. But that also means this obsession is almost over. This week, the drama around Thomas Markle--will he or won't he be at the wedding?! And of course, a review of all the feelings the Lifetime movie inspired. And Jamie Cuccinelli from BRIDES gives us a preview of the royal wedding menu. Plus: Lucy Hume, associate director at Debrett's explains what all these royal titles mean, and reveals what title Meghan and Harry might be given once they tie the knot. You can learn more by reading Debrett's latest edition of Peerage and Baronetage (out later this year), Debrett's Wedding Handbook, and get a well rounded etiquette education with Debrett's A-Z of Modern Manners. You can find our bingo boards here: https://twitter.com/royalweddingpod/status/996861370372186113We would love to see what hat you're planning to wear, or what treats you'll be sharing as you watch the wedding. You can tweet them to @KristenMeinzer, @ImJame