Getting Things Done

Ep. 235: Rules for Your Tools



Having a good set of tools and being clear how you want to use them are keys to an effective GTD practice. Join us for a conversation about the rules for your tools, including: Identifying roadblocks that lead to being repelled by your tools What to consider when choosing the tools for GTD Defining the features and functions that will impact your productivity Creating clear guidelines with your team about which tool for which purpose You can listen to, or watch this entire conversation from October 2021 at GTD Connect®. -- This audio is one of many available at GTD Connect, a learning space and community hub for all things GTD. Join GTD practitioners from around the world in learning, sharing, and developing the skills for stress-free productivity. Sign up for a free guest pass Learn about membership options Knowing how to get the right things done is a key to success. It’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed. Stay focused and increase productivity with GTD Connect—a subscription-based online learning c