Getting Things Done

Ep. 231: Year End Reviews



In another David Allen and Dave Edwards talk, David starts by asking Dave about his time at NPR and the current state of journalism. Then they move into a brief discussion of managing versus leading. Moving on to GTD, Dave asks David whether he does a larger than usual review at the beginning of the year, and David replies about what times of year and events in life prompt what kinds of reviewing. Dave says that moving every two years is a good way to limit how much stuff you keep. David jokes that moving onto a sailboat is a great way to decide which stuff you want to keep. (David did in fact live on a sailboat years ago.) They consider what types of reference materials get filed as paper or digital files, and how much reference material is too much. The answer is have as much as you want, as long as you don't have attention on whether there's still some action to take on anything in reference. They talk about having the freedom to delete tasks from your lists, or move them to Someday/Maybe. Finally, Dave as