Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory

UCWG 025: What Would it Take to Destroy You?



The necessary first step to personal development is removing yourself from comfort, but very few so-called personal development leaders acknowledge this in their methodology. They keep their devotees steeped in comfort and enthusiasm. What many people miss is that the willingness to be unhappy is what increases your overall capacity for happiness. Stacy Cross is a personal and entrepreneurial development coach who founded The Comfort killers. Stacy received an email one day from a stranger deriding her for all the lifestyle mistakes she was making. That email became the seed for rapid personal transformation. She has embraced discomfort as a lifestyle and used it as a tool to overcome gambling addiction and change her entire lifestyle. Now she helps other people do the same with their own lives. Social cohesion can be the enemy to personal development if you allow other people’s stories about you to replace your own self-awareness. Social sacrifices must be made to embrace one’s own development as their highe