Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory

UCWG 027: Are You Self-Aware Enough to Parent Your Own Offspring?



At age 33, Antonio Pondichi had gone from growing up poor in communist Romania, to move a comfortably luxurious life in New York City as an adult where everything he ever needed was planned for him. One day, as his daughter reached age 5, he began to realize that many of the things he had been taught about how to live and raise her weren’t true. He moved his family and his life to the valley of Vilcabamba, Ecuador to explore unconventional ways of living that would allow all of them to find their happiness. Many parents don’t realize that they are giving away the majority of their children’s upbringing to strangers who run the arbitrary schooling institutions of their culture. Schooling trains people in what to think, whereas a true education teaches people how thinking works. We can either acquire knowledge through inheritance from other sources or observing and reasoning it ourselves. The social environment of schooling is frequently destructive to self-esteem and normal bonding habits. Segregating children