Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory

UCWG 028: How Do You Find Closure With Your Emotional Baggage?



At 17, Katharina Knoll experienced the brutal murder of her boyfriend - a traumatic experience that has lasted with her the last 11 years, coming back into her psyche periodically as various events remind her of the event. Painful memories continue to haunt her without resolution because she has not learned to fulfill the expectations which had been cut short by his untimely death. The great struggle Katharina must go through now is to examine the arbitrary associations she has adopt with her past trauma. Specific people, dates, and symbols only serve to bring back the negative emotions that keep her trapped in pain. She must learn to see things as they are and replace harmful associations with useful ones. It is necessary for every truth-seeking person to become highly aware of the meaning they add to their observations in the realm of their minds. No matter what you do, you are adding meaning to experience. You need to figure out how to optimize your meanings and make them work for you instead of against yo