Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory

UCWG 029: How do Neuroatypicals Function in an Ordinary Society?



Natalie Marsh joins Uncomfortable Conversations to discuss the problems of unconventional, exceptional thinkers trying to thrive in a conventional world. Neuro atypicals, including those with Low Latent Inhibition (LLI), Autism, ADHD, and so on, must learn to construct their own societies in a world not made for how they naturally are, in spite of their great gifts.   From the episode of Prison Break where Michael Scofield is diagnosed with Low Latent Inhibition: "People who suffer from low latent inhibition see everyday things like your or I do…but where we just process the image…they process everything. Their brains are more open to incoming stimuli and the surrounding environment. Other people’s brains, yours and mine, shut out the same information. We have to do it in order to keep our sanity. If someone with a low IQ has low latent inhibition, it almost always results in mental illness. But, if someone has a high IQ, it almost always results in creative genius." A genius is someone who is able to push th