Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory

UCWG 032: When Does Personal Development Evolve into Interpersonal Development?



Our culture loves telling the story of one man taking on the world, working hard to do everything for himself. We build our movies and our myths around this archetype, and then unconsciously model it in our own lives. Useful as this type of path is, and even a necessary starting step, what comes next in the heroic journey? The lone warrior must eventually learn how to deal with other people. He must form a tribe of ideas and perspectives that complement his own. He must be humble enough to know that however capable he is on his own, he will be more capable with the help of others. This humility only comes after he has earned healthy pride. Parker Harris runs Junto Global, a networking organization for high-performing, high-ambition entrepreneurs dedicated to creating massive change in their lives and the world. Inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s meetings about 12 of his most respected and intelligent peers, Junto aims to enable individuals to act beyond their solo potential. This is a step that many capable indi