Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory

UCWG 034: Why Should Anyone Give a Damn About Spiritual Enlightenment?



 Alexander, a young man struggling to express himself fully after reading Gregory’s book (Travel As Transformation), returns to Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory after his appearance in UCWG 006: Does Knowledge Without Power Lead to Idle Suffering? to carry the dialogue on from their first conversation about being bold enough to pursue the interests of great intellect. The conversation this time around gets much more personal to both Gregory and Alexander’s unique perspectives on themselves and interaction with the people of the world, eventually coming to a head for the purpose of meditation and enlightenment. The world is composed of only two things: experiences you are prepared to handle and experiences you are not prepared to handle. When an event that is outside your unconscious expectations comes into your life, you shift your conscious attention toward it so that you can figure it out and learn how to apply it in your life. This necessarily slows down your thought processes, however. Whenever t