Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory

UCWG 035: How Does Looking at the World as a Single Destination Transform You?



Nicos Hadjicostis wrote the book Destination Earth after traveling to more than 70 countries in 6 years in his 40's. His goal was to learn to look at all of earth as though it were a single destination, beyond arbitrary national and cultural borders. His book, and Gregory's own Travel As Transformation, are a rare type of book to explore the philosophical implications and profound personal transformation made possible only by travel. Though Gregory and Nicos agree on many things, there is still a world of differentiated nuance in the conclusions their respective journeys have brought them to. Gregory’s book is written from the perspective of a naïve young Californian man rapidly coming to realize how much bigger the world is than he was ever led to believe. Nicos’ book is written by a man approaching middle age who already had a wealth of practical and philosophical expertise on the world. Both books are predominantly philosophy books, presented through the categorical structure of travel experiences. They a