Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory

UCWG 036: Isn’t Life Coaching Kind of Bullshit?



Life coaching is an industry notoriously rampant with frauds and con artists who spout magic and creates cycles of dependency in the clients who come to them for help with their personal problems. They rarely teach systematic solutions and genuinely help people reach new levels of independent thinking. Their income depends on their clients coming back to them over and over for more coaching, instead of moving on to greater things. Marc Mawhinney is a coach who coaches coaches, helping them build better business models and promote themselves in their quests to tell other people how to live. He joins Gregory to discuss what’s right and what’s wrong with this strange and modern industry.   According to Marc, a professional coach is just someone who helps someone else accomplish a specific goal. Marc believes that coaches who offer real value in the attainment of strategic goals should price their services on packages related to those goals, not act as an ongoing crutch for emotional support. Lesser-known life co