Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory

UCWG 038: Why Do Men Today Fail to Develop Mature Masculinity?



Today, more than ever, there seems to be a growing culture war between masculinity and femininity in society. Men are starting to feel threatened by the growing presence and empowerment of women, just as women are losing touch with their feminine nature as they are pushed to take on masculine roles coercively. Nothing is in its right place anymore, and society suffers because we have lost the natural balance between us. Masculinity does not have to look like any one stereotypical role in society. It is an agreement which changes over time and across cultures. Every society on Earth has a somewhat different idea of how a family unit ought to function, how men must bond and work with each other, how courting and marriage works, and so on. Beyond the cultural rules of how men ought to act, there is an evolutionary generalization of traits that men tend to hold in greater quantity than women, for better or worse. The same traits applied in different ways or managed incorrectly can shift from being massive assets