Podcast by Jim Walker

Records Records Mix Tape

Indie record label home of AC Deathstrike, Kitschmas, XMAS, Moon Thief,Records Records Mixtape

Press Record

Alexis Cardoza loves to talk about all happenings in the world of media, tech, entertainment, and life. In this podcast you will be invited to chime in or take a listen as we...

Record This!

Every week KC Rippy, Thomas Hunter, and Kenny Crane discuss the latest in news, politics, business, and our very existance in the universe. Buckle up and hit play!

Cedille Records

Cedille is a not-for-profit record label dedicated to extraordinary classical music and the brilliant artists who create it. We enhance the world's catalog of recorded music...

Logika Records

Logika Records is a ukrainian multi-format music label. (Owners @fatanforlen)We are looking for talented DJs, musicians and performers and help them to be heard and propel your...

Akashic Records

Although the definition differs, the Akashic records are known to be a hall or library where the information and wisdom of every soul are kept. Through listening to this...

Record Breakers

I break down any album, old new, hip-hop, rock, down from it's lyrics to it's whole story in the album. For those who don't get the whole story or just like going in depth, this...

Kanzen Records

Kanzen Records is the brainchild of Tshepo Selokela (Kiyo To). The word Kanzen means perfection in Japanese, we are a collection of perfectionist in music. We strive only for the...

Criminal Record

Mad, bad and dangerous to know ... tales from the Scottish criminal underworld

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