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Hinhörer - Der Podcast der P&P Studios Audio-Agentur aus Regensburg

O. T. O

You are welcome to O. T. O podcasts, where our motivations never run dry. Let's work together to make a positive impact to the world


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Interviews, opinions, and more!

P Town

This story is a comedy horror meant to engage its audience. There is a small town with a very dark history nestled deep within one of nature's most infamous art pieces.There is so...

B. P. O

It's Cosmo Talk. Just listen.


From time to time we will upload lessons, audio transcription of the notes and worked solutions to the site. This can be downloaded and used on your computer or mp3 player. Enjoy.

Mel A. P.

I'm a Yankee Texan minus the Texas dialect. While I'm conservative, I believe humanity reaches past political parties, ethnicity, and religion and embraces all of mankind.


Welcome to (P)endulum! This monthly podcast serves as a creative outlet and mood board for myself and my guests.

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