My Oxford Year: A Novel

Major Motion Picture Already in Development with Temple Hill EntertainmentSet amidst the breathtaking beauty of Oxford, this sparkling debut novel tells the unforgettable story...

Angel on the Square

National Book Award winner Gloria Whelan brilliantly recreates the final days of tsarist Russia. For young Katya Ivanova, playmate to the Grand Duchesses of Russia, St.Petersburg...

14 Days to Die

To what extent would you go to avenge your husband's infidelity?Stay-at-home mom Sarah Johnson has the perfect family — a handsome, hardworking husband and two healthy and...

As Sick as Our Secrets

Looking away will not make the evil fade.Olivia Campbell has the life most women want. A respected husband, beautiful home, and the freedom that only financial security can...

Julia Atom

Freaky mixes and voice perfomances, live radio shows and trippy acoustic oceans :)

Julia Schroer

Welcome to the Julia Schroer podcast, where amazing things happen.

Julia Smith

Podcast by Julia Smith

Julia Luna

DJ and Producer from Russia. Releases: Enormous Tunes, Milk & Sugar, Nocturnal Groove, CAOZ, etc . Supports: Matt Darey, The Shapeshifters, Nora En Pure, Muzzaik, Outwork,...

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