J Is for Jingle Bells A Christmas Alphabet

From opening gifts to visiting Santa, Christmas is a magical time of year. Get into the holiday spirit in J Is for Jingle Bells.

S Is for Score! A Sports Alphabet

Slam dunks, home runs, and touchdowns bring sports fans to their feet. Follow all the exciting action in S is for Score!

I'm Exploring with My Senses A Song About the Five Senses

You know the song “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.” Sing along with new words that explain how our five senses help us explore the world.

Move It! Work It! A Song About Simple Machines

Introduces the topic of simple machines through the familiar tune Kookaburra. Summary provided by publisher.

Are You Living? A Song About Living and Nonliving Things

Sing a song of science! You know the song Are You Sleeping? Sing along with new words that explain the differences between living and nonliving things.

En Voz De Jordi Soler

Jordi Soler (Veracruz, México, 1963). Escritor, locutor y periodista. Aunque nunca ejerció la carrera de diseño industrial de la que egresó, se ha consolidado como escritor ...

Home on the Earth A Song About Earth's Layers

Sing a song of science! You know the song Home on the Range. Sing along with new words that explain the basic materials that make up our planet.

C Is for Cake! A Birthday Alphabet

Birthdays are full of streamers, balloons, and presents. Get ready to celebrate in C is for Cake!

Temperate Deciduous Forests Lands of Falling Leaves

Why do maple and oak trees drop their leaves in the fall? What other animals share the forest with chipmunks, deer, and snakes? Hike through this book, and find out what makes...

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