Guys Read: The Distance

CJ just blew the half-mile relay for his track team, but the race on his mind is the one that's happening off the field in this short story from all-star author Jacqueline Woodson.


Real talk about beauty, books, and all the good things in life.

Dave Woodson

Join us weekly as Dave ad sometimes guest talk about marketing with social media, local, foursquare or whatever else floats his boat.

Jacqueline Hyde

Official Podcast of the International Badass & Alchemist of Tease

Jacqueline Scacco

Welcome to the Jacqueline Scacco podcast, where amazing things happen.

Elegy for Eddie

Maisie Dobbs—psychologist, investigator, and "one of the great fictional heroines, equal parts haunted and haunting" (Parade)—returns in a chilling adventure, the...

Jacqueline Guzda

Podcast by Jacqueline Guzda

Woodson Ministries Podcast

Woodson Ministries is a Christian worldwide outreach ministry with Woody and Pam Woodson, based in Tulsa, OK. Each podcast devotional is 1-5 minutes long, emphasizing one main...

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