Jesus, Continued…: Why The Spirit Inside You Is Better Than Jesus Beside You

In Jesus, Continued J.D. Greear focuses on a central truth that unites us: God wants to be vitally present in and through his people. To live empowered, fruitful lives, we have...

Gaining By Losing: Why The Future Belongs To Churches That Send

The evangelical church is recognizing the need to reach out to their neighbors and the world abroad. In Gaining By Losing, J.D. Greear unpacks ten kingdom principles that you can...

Summit Life With J.d. Greear

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the source of our life, a deep well of grace that transforms us and propels us into the world. Join Pastor J.D. Greear each weekday to learn how the...


J.D. Booth is publisher and editor of Lambton Shield, based in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

Jonathan Diaz Aka. J.d.

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The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells

1985. After the death of her beloved twin brother, Felix, and the breakup with her longtime lover, Nathan, Greta Wells embarks on a radical psychiatric treatment to alleviate her...

J.t. Telisnor

My Story is about Biography about Pastors now. From their old Street Crime life to Life about God.

J.r. Salzman

The random musings of veteran, wounded warrior, and world champion lumberjack, J.R. Salzman, and the uncensored verbal version of his in-progress book, Lumberjack in a Desert.

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