Eleven-year-old Claudia’s parents don’t think she should still be wearing torn blue jeans and a boy’s shirt and playing army with her friend, nine-year-old Duffy. So when...

Hello, Claudia!

Although nine-year-old Claudia and Janice are neighbors, they call themselves twins. They have always been in the same class at school, and they are best, best friends. But when...

Claudia and Duffy

All the troubles in sixth-grader Claudia Harper’s life seem to start with her fourth-grade friend Dunford Wylie Booth V.

Claudia & Matilda

En podcast om att lära känna en ny vän som vuxen. Skådepelaren Claudia Galli Concha och radioprofilen Matilda Alborn dricker finkaffe och utmanar varandras roliga, känsliga,...

Lucie + Gray

ABC4 News 4 pm anchor and chief medical correspondent, Surae Chinn (Lucie) and Good Things Utah producer, McCall Gray are the founders of the lifestyle blog Lucie and Gray. It's...

David A. Gray

Podcast by David A. Gray

Gray Squirrels

Gray squirrels leap from high heights to move from tree to tree. Discover these delightful rodents' life cycle and lifestyle in the woods.

Gray Justice

A Tom Gray Novel: Book 1When ex-soldier Tom Gray loses his wife and child to a career criminal, it seems life can't get much worse. But when the killer is let off with time served...

Claudia Gallegos

El podcast de Claudia Gallegos, en él nos hablará de temas de intenrés para entender mejor a los hijos.

Gray Area

Gray Area tells the stories of people who are dealing with this whole thing we call justice, people who are trying to get beyond labels of right and wrong or good and evil to get...

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