The Hand That Feeds You: A Novel

“An unnerving, elegant page-turner” (Vanity Fair) of psychological suspense about a woman in an intense sexual relationship with a man who turns out to be a...

The Twilight Wife

A USA TODAY AND PUBLISHERS WEEKLY BESTSELLER! From the bestselling author of The Good Neighbor and After Nightfall, comes a dazzling new novel of psychological suspense in the...

Game on! Climbing the Hill

Devin's strength in running hills helps him to win for the first time all season.

La mujer en la ventana

Una mujer sola y vulnerable, recluida en su casa, ve desde la ventana algo que no debería haber visto. Pero nadie la cree. Una historia poderosa y retorcida. Una protagonista...

Break That Press

Real teamwork wins the game for the Hawks.

The Grand Tour

In the vein of the classic Johnny Cash: The Life, this groundbreaking work explores the wild life and extraordinary musical career of “the definitive country singer of the...

A.j. & Lee Lee

This podcast is about the opinions of my wife and I. From Superhero movies, to sports, and couple conversations, nothing is off topic.

A.j. Scudiere Audiomovies

An audio movie is an audio recording of a novel, enhanced by soundtrack, sound effects, and unique actors for each part. This recreates the experience of a theater while remaining...

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