The Divine Zetan Trilogy

The Divine Zetan Trilogy is an epic saga that takes place in the 29th century.The Divine Dissimulation:In the search of immortality, Abraham Goldstein funds a secret project to...

Martin Puther's Mission in China

A Flash fiction story about a 'secret' agent on a mission in China trying to unleash the truth about a mysterious pandemic.

Serendipity Saved the Arsonist

A flash fiction story about an aronist who is saved from committing suicide by a strange twist of fate.

Sabina Saves the Future Complete Trilogy

The complete Sabina Saves the Future Trilogy.Sabina’s PursuitSabina is a gifted 18-year-old girl living in Sydney, in the year 2037. She carries a unique secret. Sabina used to...

Sabina's Expedition to Stop the Apocalypse

After many ordeals, Sabina faces her nemesis, Rangda. But will Sabina overcome the evil that she tries to stop?Having stopped Pierre Beaumont's evil scheme, Sabina and Alex are...

Murder on the Ghan

A flash fiction story about a woman committing the perfect murder to avenge her family and bring attention to the Rwandan genocide.

The Portal in the Pyramid

Martin was on holiday in Cairo, Egypt, where he checked in to a cheap and dingy 3-star hotel room. He walked around in the city looking inspirations for his new Sci-Fi book when...

Dating with Allergies

A flash fiction story about Jasmine and Francois who inadvertently send eachother to hospital on their first two dates, due to ignorance of the partners obscure allergies.

An Exotic Sandwich

The self-proclaimed womanizer Marko Dodgyvich finds out the hard way that his charms are failing when a wager about an exotic sandwhich lands him in the hospital. What did he just...

Eighteen Random and Very Short Stories

This anthology contains 18 flash fiction stories. Some are funny, some are scary, and some are plain weird. Contains the following stories.100 Tinder Dates.Murder on The Ghan.A...

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