History Revealed: Michaelangelo Secrets of the Sistine Chapel Episode 7

Hidden within the artist's brush strokes is a story of contempt anguish and turmoil

220 Triathlon: 226km to UK Glory Episode 2

You've done your training, you've bought the gear, but how do you conquer your iron-man this summer

Who Do You Think You Are? Little Ireland Episode 16

Caroline Scott reveals the prejudice and poverty faced by Irish migrant communities in 19th-century Britain.

History Revealed: Great Adventurers Amelia Earhart Episode 81

In 1937, the pioneering American pilot was set on one last flight – to circumnavigate the globe. But the lady of the skies would never make it home

History Revealed: Triumph of the Longbow Episode 28

Edward III's stunning victory over the French at Crecy marked a new dawn for the humble foot soldier. An Investigation into this decisive battle of the Hundred Years' War.

History Revealed: The Maid of Orleans Joan of Arc Episode 80

In March 1429, a 17-year-old girl arrived at Charles VII’s court at Chinon. She announced that she had been called upon by saints to expel the English and restore the throne of...

Who Do You Think You Are? The Case of the Philandering Opera Singer Episode 14

The notorious court case that casts a fascinating light on sex, marriage and the stage in Georgian England.

The Beast in the Jungle

Bachelor John Marcher is haunted by the premonition that something terrible lies in store for him, like a ‘beast in the jungle’ lying in wait. So he spends his life in...

A Cold Case

Maurice Mundy, recently retired detective constable at the Metropolitan Police, has returned to join Scotland Yard's Cold Case Review Team. Ten years ago a twelve-year-old boy was...

History Revealed: The Reel Story The Assasination of Jesse James Episode 83

Comparing the true life and death story of celebrity outlaw Jesse James with the Hollywood hit

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