If a Body Need a Body, Call Burke & Hare

When times are tough, turn to the world's oldest profession: murder.Two gents of old Scotland supply dead bodies on demand for the medical profession.Hosted by: David Warner.

Widow McGee and the Three Gypsies

The fable of three gypsies who get a little more than they bargained for when they tempt fate.Hosted by: David Warner.

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The true story of the final days of the Great Emancipator...and his killer.Hosted by: Roddy McDowall.

Francisco Pizarro: His Heart on a Golden Knife

The New World has everything a gold-crazy Spaniard could ask for, including murder.Hosted by: David Warner.

Billie Bonnie: Bloodletter

The story of the Wild West's quickest, and youngest, sharpshooter.Hosted by: William Windom.

The Seven-Layer Arsenic Cake Of Madame Lefarge

An authentic French cake calls for eggs, sugar, flour, and of course, poison. HOSTED by RODDY McDOWALL and STARRING: JO ANNE WORLEY, ROGER PERRY, WILLIAM WINDOM, LOUIS NYE,...

Good Evening, My Name is Jack The Ripper

Being a nice girl doesn't help when you're being stalked by a killer. Written from the original newspaper reports by: Morton Fine and David Friedkin. Hosted by: David Warner.

The Bloody, Bloody Banks of Fall River Mysteries in the Air

While Lizzy Borden was grinding her mother's axe, her killer waited with his own.StarringJoAnne WorleyJohn SaxonRoger PerryPeggy WebberKathleen FreemanWilliam WindomLinda...

Old Six Toes

Jealousy is a terrible thing, especially when armed with a sledgehammer, deep in the heart of India.Hosted by: John Saxon.

The Final Day of General Ketchum and How He Died Mysteries in the Air

Mint juleps are delicious on a hot summer's day...but they have quite a deadly kick.Hosted by: David Warner.

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