Dirt Bike Racing

Dirt bike racers don't let anything stand in their way as they blaze to the finish line. Tight turns, steep hills, or huge jumps these riders brave them all. Take a look at dirt...

Strange but True Animals

Fish that look like cartoons. Lizards that squirt blood from their eyes. These are not your ordinary creatures. Get ready to learn about some of the world’s strangest animals.

Top 10 Ancient Mysteries

Airplanes that soared through ancient skies? An underwater city? Could these unbelievable things ever have existed? Learn about the top ten ancient mysteries and investigate for...

Top 10 Haunted Places

The spirit of a headless queen? The wandering ghost of a famous president? Could these spooks be real? Get the eerie details of the world’s most haunted places.

Snowboarding Greats

Snowboarding greats soar through the air and pull off awesome tricks before they hit the powder. Top boarders never stop pushing the limits. Look inside for the best of the best...

Top 10 Mythical Creatures

Vampires and werewolves that hunt in the night? A prehistoric sea monster that frightens fishermen? Where did the ideas for these creatures come from? Could some of them be true?...

Drag Racing

Dragsters are the fastest racing machines on Earth. Using powerful engines, drag racing cars and motorcycles rush down the track at blistering speeds. Check out the types of...

Indy Car Racing

Indy car drivers use skill, speed, and the latest technology to blaze down the track. They race on tracks of all shapes and sizes and all around the world. Take a look at Indy...

Top 10 UFO and Alien Mysteries

Alien abductions? Mysterious lights in the sky? Could these events actually be the work of extra terrestrials? Get the facts about the top ten UFO and alien mysteries of all time.

MMA Greats

Mixed martial arts competitors wrestle, jab, and kick their ways to the top. The best  fighters never pull any punches. Look inside for the biggest names in MMA.

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