Life Cycle of a Bullfrog Life Science - Life Cycles

Introduction to bullfrogs, focusing on their physical characteristics, habitat, diet, activities, life cycle, and reproduction.

Butterflies Life Science - Insects Discovery Library

Discover about colors of butterflies colors, how they eat, and how they become the beautiful insect you see today.

Science Secrets: Electricity

Provides a simple discussion of natural and man-made electricity and of how electrical power is generated and used.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial American Landmarks

This audiobook describes the design and significance of the Vietnam Memorial located in Washington DC built to honor the American soldiers who served in Vietnam.

Sound Physical Science - Science Secrets

Explore sound and its secrets in the audiobook Sound by Jason Cooper.

Keeping Money Safe Money Power; Rourke Discovery Library

Looks at how the United States Federal Reserve System, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, banks, businesses, and individual people work to protect the money for which they are...

Historic Boston

Discover the historic places in Boston where patriots lived, worked, battled, and fought against British rule.

Valley Forge

Explores the history of these historic buildings that show where and how money is made.

Loggerhead Turtles Life Science - Life Cycles

Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and life cycle of the loggerhead turtle.

Magnets Science Secrets

Provides a simple discussion of magnets and magnetism and some of their uses.

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