Plus 1, Minus 1

This Math Concept Book Engages Young Readers Through Simple Text And Photos As They Learn How Groups Change When You Add 1 Or Take Away 1.

Plus 0, Minus 0 Little World Math Concepts; Rourke Discovery Library

Plus 0, Minus 0, teaches the concept that adding or subtracting 0 does not change the quantity of a set of objects.

Reading Maps

Maps help you learn about new places, or places near where you live. Introduce students to the basic parts of a map, like a map key, a compass rose, how to use the scale on a map,...

Telling Time Little World Math Concepts

Teaches concepts of hours, minutes, seconds, and the times of day.

Who's Right, Addition or Multiplication? Little World Math Concepts; Rourke Discovery Library

Who's right, addition or multiplication? Teaches the relationship between adding and multiplication.

Days, Weeks, and Months Little World Math Concepts

Teaches young students about the concept of a calendar and how to use a calendar.

My Life as a Pioneer

Get On A Covered Wagon And Explore Everything About Pioneers With This Book. From What They Ate, Wore, Who They Encountered And Where They Traveled. Text Boxes Filled With Pioneer...

My Life as a Native American

Native Americans Are Always A Big Topic With Students. What They Hunted, Wore, Tribal Dances, And Maps That Show Where The Different Tribes Settled Are All Included In This Book....

What Are the Branches of Democracy?

Teaching Students About What A Democracy Is And How Our Country Was Founded On The Constitution, Which Protects Our Rights And Freedoms, Is The Main Focus In This Title. Filled...