The Journey To Failing Freely

  • Author: Brandon LaBella
  • Narrator: Brandon LaBella
  • Publisher: Author's Republic
  • Duration: 2:32:00
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What Exactly is Failing Freely? It's a path to become the best possible version of yourself. It's the way to make every day an amazing day to be alive! It's how you become fulfilled by being mentally and physically healthy, growing and improving each day, and enjoying the journey of life.

In The Journey To Failing Freely, Brandon LaBella dives into critical areas of life that we have allowed to slip out of our control and into society's hands.

He explores questions like: How Can I Free Myself from Self-Doubt and Insecurity? How Can I Find My Purpose? How Can I Be Alive In The Present Without Living On Auto-Pilot? How Can I Remove Myself from Society's Leash? How Can I Unnumb Myself Focusing On The Next Destination?

The answer to these questions doesn't lie in comfort. Comfort is toxic because it allows us to numb all of the problems we have created by hiding behind simple pleasures that hold us back from trying to find our authentic self. The answer lies in the ability to embrace challenges and grow through Failing Freely, because that is the only way to find yourself and live everyday with no regrets. Becoming the best possible version of your authentic self with what you control is the richest currency to possess and the only one that will allow us to live every day reaching our full potential with sustainable fulfillment.