Talion a Scandinavian noir murder mystery set in Scotland

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A young boy finds a body on a deserted Scottish beach. DS West searches for absconded DI Munro to help track down the killer.

Left to her own devices, Detective Sergeant Charlie West struggles with the responsibility of a full-blown murder investigation when a man is pushed off a cliff. Not ready to have her apron strings severed so soon, West finds Munro who reluctantly agrees to shed light on the Ayrshire detectives' most challenging case yet. Once the police have discovered the identity of the dead man, and established his demise was the result of foul play, the race is on to hunt down the murderer. Given the victim's links to a local drug ring there is no shortage of suspects, yet few of them are willing to share their knowledge with the police. Can they work out why the man was killed and will the murderer strike again?


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