The Bad Mother's Diary

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Uh Oh! Juliette had a baby with the wrong man. Now what?

So I’ve had a baby. But motherhood isn’t quite how I imagined. I don’t live in a lovely cottage with roses around the door. I don’t know how to get Daisy to sleep. I don’t own a baking tray. And then there’s Daisy’s sh*tbag of a father...

When Juliette has a baby, she knows her life isn’t sorted. Not by a long way. And most especially not with Nick, long-term boyfriend and father of her child. Far from living the dream family life, Juliette and Nick rent a city apartment, and share a tiny, shiny elevator with executives and their takeaway Thai meals. The house is wrong. The city is wrong. Everything is wrong.

This is the first audiobook in the Bad Mother series.

NB: It is a relaunch of a previous audio edition.