The Woman Who Knew Everything

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She couldn’t remember the last time they’d stared at each other with dewy eyes over the cornflakes, or when they’d last tumbled into bed and bonked like spring bunnies, but they loved each other. Didn’t they?

Chrissie, Dee and Amber each feel a marriage proposal is overdue from their respective boyfriends. When the women are invited to a birthday soirée – complete with fortune teller – the girls know there is only one question they’ll be asking Madam Rosa: will their men be popping the question? But opting to see a clairvoyant is a bit like opening Pandora’s box. Some revelations are a joy, whereas others are most definitely not. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for….

Best-selling romance author Debbie Viggiano’s delightful, satirical take on life and relationships. This audiobook will particularly appeal to fans of Adele Parks and Mhairi Mcfarlane.


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