Murder Under the Sun

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Summer. Holiday season. A time for rest and relaxation. But murder can strike anywhere, as this selection of an ‘unlucky thirteen’ mysteries by Agatha Christie proves.

Join Hercule Poirot, Christopher Parker Pyne, Harley Quin and James Bond on this special holiday-themed collection, and take a dip into these short stories, perfect for killing time on the beach, by the pool – or at home, when planning to get away from it all.

Stories in this collection:

  • "The Rajah's Emerald"
  • "The Oracle at Delphi"
  • "Wasp's Nest"
  • "A Death on the Nile"
  • "Problem at Pollensa Bay"
  • "Have You Got Everything You Want?"
  • "Triangle at Rhodes"
  • "The House at Shiraz"
  • "Double Sin"
  • "The Gate of Baghdad"
  • "The Regatta Mystery"
  • "The Pearl of Price"
  • "The Man from the Sea"