The Dubliners' Christmas Story

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A story adapted from James Joyce's classic and John Huston's film classic, The Dead, we drop in on the Morkan sisters, hosting their annual soiree, and one of their more curious guests, Mr. Gabriel Conroy. Over the course of the evening, he discovers more than he ever knew about both his wife and himself.

STARRING: DAN O'HERLIHY as The Narrator and Mr. Brown, HELENA CARROLL as Aunt Kate, KATHLEEN FREEMAN as Aunt Julia, THOMAS MacGREEVY as Gabriel, BAIBRE DOWLING as Greta,PEGGY WEBBER as Lily and Mrs. Malins, JOYCE DEEVER as Mary Jane, SEAN McCLORY as Freddy Malins, LIDA ANDERSON as Miss Ivers, SHAY DUFFIN as Bartel Darcy and The Porter; WITH LES TREMAYNE, and Announcer, WILLIAM WOODSON.