How Theseus Slew the Minotaur

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Ancient Myths are very popular nowadays. Children and elders all around the world love to read about Gods and heroic adventures and feats of well-known champions. Theseus is a son of Egeus. Strong, wise and noble he tries to help every Athens citizen.

After the reunion with his father Theseus learned about tribute of 7 youths and 7 maidens for the king of Crete island – Minos. Those young men and ladies had been sacrificed to the Minotaur. Theseus didn’t like that and decided to go with them and kill the Minotaur. But the problem is that the Minotaur lived in the labyrinth and it was very hard to come back. No one did that before.

On Crete Theseus met Ariadne – a daughter of the king Minos. She helped Theseus by giving him a knife and a ball of thread which will help him find the way from the labyrinth back. How will the adventure end?

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