Bedtime Songs and Stories

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Children will love this original collection of Bedtime Stories including: “I Love You More,” “Sleep, My Little One,” and “The Night-Night Song.” With a gentle kiss, Mama Bear puts Little Bear to bed. “I love you” turns into a sweet game between Mama Bear and Little Bear as they come up with many “I love you more” ideas.

Make this tender game part of your bedtime routine, and create your own “I love you more” examples with your child. Then, snuggle close and listen to a rhyming story of a mommy and her toddler preparing for bed. Beautiful sound-effects and hushed voices are combined to create the perfect end to a fun day. Finally, join Mama Bear, Mama Cat, Mama Raccoon, Mama Cow, Mama Mouse, Mama Horse, and Mama Bird and learn how each animal puts her little one to bed.

After happy yawns and sleepy eyes, children and parents alike will enjoy the soft, angelic singing of 15 lullabies. From “Golden Slumbers” to “All The Pretty Little Horses,” the entire household will be ready for a good night’s sleep.