The Iliad

The Iliad


The first of Homer's epic poems tells of the counsel of Nestor, Achilles' slaying of Hector, and the defeat of the Trojans by the Greeks.

Little is known about the Ancient Greek oral poet, Homer, the supposed 8th century BC author of the world-read Iliad and his later masterpiece, The Odyssey. These classic epics provided the basis for Greek education and culture throughout the classical age and formed the backbone of humane education through the birth of the Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity. If Homer did in fact exist, this supposedly blind poet was from some region of Greek-controlled Asia-Minor and recited his poems at festivals and political assemblies. The Iliad, deriving its name from the Greek word for Troy, Ilium, recalls the events of the Trojan War and the uncontrolled wrath of the Greek commander Achilles that led to so much destruction.


  • Chapter 0
    Duration: 12s
  • Chapter 1
    Duration: 41min
  • Chapter 2
    Duration: 56min
  • Chapter 3
    Duration: 27min
  • Chapter 4
    Duration: 33min
  • Chapter 5
    Duration: 51min
  • Chapter 6
    Duration: 31min
  • Chapter 7
    Duration: 29min
  • Chapter 8
    Duration: 34min
  • Chapter 9
    Duration: 45min
  • Chapter 10
    Duration: 33min
  • Chapter 11
    Duration: 54min
  • Chapter 12
    Duration: 29min
  • Chapter 13
    Duration: 52min
  • Chapter 14
    Duration: 34min
  • Chapter 15
    Duration: 46min
  • Chapter 16
    Duration: 58min
  • Chapter 17
    Duration: 45min
  • Chapter 18
    Duration: 38min
  • Chapter 19
    Duration: 26min
  • Chapter 20
    Duration: 32min
  • Chapter 21
    Duration: 38min
  • Chapter 22
    Duration: 36min
  • Chapter 23
    Duration: 58min
  • Chapter 24
    Duration: 52min
  • Chapter 25
    Duration: 07s