Tantrums, Toilets, and Toddlers How to Thrive Raising Young Children

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Are you finding yourself more and more impatient with those potty training sessions? Are you simply worn out from those random temper tantrums that seemingly come out of nowhere? Do you feel like you are failing as a parent because your kids become difficult at the most awkward places? Let’s be honest, parenting toddlers is a difficult task and you are not alone. To repeat, you are not alone! Parents simply want to know that other parents of toddlers experience similar things and they want practical help.

In this audio, Tantrums, Toilets, and Toddlers, experts Rob and Cara Lane will help you:

  • Discover a secret that will help change the direction of your parenting style
  • Learn how to stay consistent in what you say and do to your child
  • Understand how to get your kids to do what you say, the first time
  • Learn how your kids specifically receive love
  • Integrate incentive based tactics that will encourage your child as well as keep you rational at the same time

Rob and Cara Lane are the founders of The Marriage Lane, a ministry that helps couples through the challenges of merging two lives into one. Rob, as a marriage coach, has counseled and witnessed impossible situations that turn possible because of the hope based empowerment model that he utilizes.