The Way of the Wise Simple Truths for Living Well

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Want to live a satisfying life? Figure out your purpose on the planet? Leave a powerful legacy?

In The Way of the Wise, New York Times best-selling author Dr. Kevin Leman reveals ten life-changing principles - all packed in six amazing little verses by the wisest man of all, King Solomon. They have everything to do with who you are, where your heart is, who you think God is, and who you want to become.

This audio book is crafted to jump-start or revitalize your life by unlocking the secrets of those ten powerful principles. It'll give you hope, courage, inspiration, a fresh perspective, and lots of humor along the way.

Dr. Leman says, "This [audio] book is for all those who believe in the almighty guy 'up there,' those who aren't sure, and those, like me, who took a long while to be convinced."

No matter where you are on your journey in life, you can take the way of the wise.