The Jennings Report

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This is book #20 of the 25 Jennings books Anthony Buckeridge published between 1950 and 1994. We have recorded six of the timeless classics, all narrated by the amazing Simon Vance.

In The Jennings books, often refered to as the precursor to Harry Potter or P.G. Wodehouse for kids, each book is it’s own story, full of myschief and mayhem. You won’t find any magic or wizards. Just wonderfully written stories featuring Jennings and his best friend Darbishire doing there best to stay out of trouble only to land right in the middle of it.

In this audio book – Jennings plans to report on a mathematical comparison of TV aerials in rural (Linbury) and urban (Dunhambury) locations – but gets distracted with the care of Old Sleepy, the top secret hedgehog.