Lord Oakhurst's Curse

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O. Henry is an American writer known for his teaching and amusing short stories. His tales are very simple, but they are full of meaning. The writer’s main source of inspiration is life, that’s why these small masterpieces are so close to our hearts.

The little story “Lord Oakhurst's Curse” is one of O. Henry’s earliest attempts at writing. It was sent in a letter to Dr. Beall of Greensboro in 1883. The story is fascinating and witty and of course it has a trick ending. God will repay each person according to what they have done. The tale is a proof of this famous proverb. Old rich Lord Oakhurst was dying. The life had never seemed so amazing to him before, summer day was bright and sunny. He was thinking about the wonderful day, when he made a proposal to his young wife. She was not fond this idea at first, but when she recognized how much he earns, she threw herself on to him and agreed. What a coincidence!

Then Everhard Fitzarmond, famous physician, arrived. He drily certified death of the Lord and insensibly took some gold things from the castle. But the main character had some surprises or “curses” for people, who treated him badly. The tale will make you sure that the law of boomerang surely exists.

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