Half Life

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Half Life is a triplet of supernatural stories which journey to worlds that linger between life and death. Fear, disappointment, and loneliness permeate these worlds, forcing each character to face up to the dark side of human existence.

In the heart of the deep dark Scandinavian forests, an alluring supernatural creature drains Henry Scott of his life force. In danger of becoming a desperate ghost lost to the forest, he must find his way back home.

Recently deceased at the age of 36, Adelaide Anderson discovers that being a ghost is as disappointing as being alive. Angry and disillusioned, she takes extreme measures to live the life she deserves.

Jimmy is the god of anxiety and depression. Frustrated at his low status, he steals a scythe from his brother, Death. When he kills Rachel, it gives her a relief from the pain of living, but for Jimmy, facing Death is more than his life is worth.

An original blend of horror, pathos, and humour, these curious stories will cause disquiet, heartache, and a thrilling sting of pleasure.