Learn Arabic: Must-Know Arabic Slang Words & Phrases (Extended Version)

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"***Important: This Audiobook comes with 3 bonus Arabic slang and curse wordsconversation cheat sheets***

Want to speak Arabic like a native, understand daily conversations...

...and graduate from ""knowing just a few basic textbook phrases""?

Then this the Audiobook is for you.

You're about to learn 100+ Arabic slang words and phrases used in daily life. With the Learn Arabic: Must-Know Arabic Slang Words & Phrases (Extended Version) by ArabicPod101 Audiobook, our teachers explain and break down each word and phrase across 25 lessons!

And all YOU have to do is listen and repeat.

What you get with this Audiobook:
- 25+ Audio-based Lessons & Review Tracks
- 140 Minutes (2+ Hours) in Total
- Includes a 120+ Page eBook
- BONUS! 3 Arabic Slang Conversation Cheat Sheets

Results you can expect:
- Master 100+ New Words & Phrases
- Improve Your Speaking & Listening Skills
- Become a Better Arabic Speaker

Download the PDF and read along:


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