My Unexpected Love The Beaumont Series: Next Generation, Book 2

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Ben Miller met the love of his life the day he crossed paths with Elle James in their high school cafeteria. New to Beaumont, he took a chance when he approached her. Their first encounter was everything his mother ever read to him about fairy tales. He saw the girl who would be his forever.

From the moment Elle James met Ben Miller, they've been best friends. Everything they did, they did it together, from late-night study sessions, family vacations, throwing bottles off the water tower, going to prom, and finally moving to California for college.

However, after the almost-tragic accident where she nearly lost her twin sister, Elle's life hasn't been the same, and neither has her relationship with Ben.

One fateful decision changes the scope of Ben and Elle's relationship. For one, it means a new beginning. For the other, it means change.


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