Falling in Love

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Romance is in the air, tempting the imagination. Stirring tales of love, longing and desire. A great gift for your loved ones.

  • Rick Bass's "Fires"
    performed by Ted Marcoux
    In the Rockies, a woman sets fire to a parched field to take the plunge into the pool of love.
  • Padgett Powell's "The Winnowing of Mrs. Schuping"
    performed by Christina Pickles
    An eccentric southern dame cleans up her act and finds love.
  • Laurie Colwin's "The Lone Pilgrim"
    performed by Hope Davis
    A New York artist longs for love and marital domesticity.
  • E. Nesbit's "Melisande"
    performed by Jane Curtin
    A delicious fairy tale about a princess with a terrible curse.
  • Edna O'Brien's "Violets"
    performed by Fionnula Flanagan
    A subtle portrait of a woman caught in an impossible affair.
  • Maile Meloy's "Travis, B."
    performed by William Hurt
    A Western love story between a lonesome cowboy and a city gal.