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TALK! with AUDREY is a weekly radio show hosted by former Essence magazine executive Audrey Adams, who has insightful conversations with celebrities, guest experts and authors from the fashion, cosmetic, health, fitness, travel entertainment and financial industries to inform, inspire and empower women.


  • Chiquita White Pantene

    30/03/2006 Duration: 22min

    My guest this week is from the world of beauty. She is Chiquita White, Manager of Pantene Research and Product Development in North America and she shares information with us about Pantene's Relaxed and Natural's Academy of Science and Style, Pantene's partnership with The North American Hair Research Society to study Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia, the most common type of Alopecia found in African American women and the Hair Topia tour.

  • Talk with Audrey Intro

    26/03/2006 Duration: 04min

    Meet Audrey Adams; she tells listeners a little about herself and what they can expect to hear on the show each week.

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