Isabel Ruiz

Isabel Ruiz


Hi guys! Im isabel , ive always felt i live a very eventful life, theres so much behind me and id like to connect with anyone who has the same interests as me, and how moving forward in the storm is a must... Beauty & makeup , skincare lifestyle & parenting, childhood Marriage , relationships, cheating , divorce Social media expectations Health conditions, pregnancy, anxiety culture, beliefs and more!


  • My youtube channel was born
    My youtube channel was born
    Duration: 18min | 08/08/2019

    Basically A run through and how I came up with my YouTube name, what inspired me to open a channel ,

  • Adjusting to marriage
    Adjusting to marriage
    Duration: 18min | 23/07/2019

    The nitty gritty , my expirience in adjusting to marriage

  • How i overcame anxiety/depression
    How i overcame anxiety/depression
    Duration: 20min | 31/05/2019

    In detail I am sharing with you what help me overcome anxiety Tips onnhow to managa , medication, therapy etc...

  • Can you plan life ahead
    Can you plan life ahead
    Duration: 20min | 30/05/2019

    Setting goals And life ahead is very possible in this episode I tell you how we planned our life and everything has fallen into place

  • Sex before marriage
    Sex before marriage
    Duration: 18min | 26/04/2019

    In this new era and things in 2020.... i share with you my own expirience on sex before marriage

  • My brother in law dies
    My brother in law dies
    Duration: 22min | 25/04/2019

    A sad love story .....

  • I found LOVE
    I found LOVE
    Duration: 25min | 08/04/2019

    Use my story as proof that the perfect timing does exist my love story in a brief segment

  • My family broke up
    My family broke up
    Duration: 07min | 27/03/2019

    Briefly just telling you what broke the family it was a very Unpleasant experience overall traumatizing

  • My health crashes and im diagnosed with ....
    My health crashes and im diagnosed with ....
    Duration: 16min | 19/03/2019

    A very intense episode

  • He cheated on me and shes pregnant
    He cheated on me and she's pregnant
    Duration: 26min | 19/03/2019

    An episode that took me a lot to have the courage to speak about

  • Separating for ever...
    Separating for ever...
    Duration: 15min | 19/03/2019

    In this segment we will be talking about how things lead to separation between my parents...

  • Emergency open heart sugery
    Emergency open heart sugery
    Duration: 08min | 19/03/2019

    How i came across an emergency ipen heart surgery

  • Getting diagnosed with CHD
    Getting diagnosed with CHD
    Duration: 18min | 19/03/2019

    A short story of my CHD diagnosis

  • Welcome , im isabel
    Welcome , im isabel
    Duration: 18min | 10/02/2019

    Briefly telling you guys who I am where I'm from,