Fry And Cry

Fry And Cry


A podcast for beautiful people who love watching sad movies and eating really bad food. Buckle up Frybabies! It's gonna get SAD, FATTENING, and a little WEIRD. Hosted by Evan Causey and Erica Smolcynski.


  • #12 - UP
    #12 - UP
    Duration: 56min | 17/05/2019

    It's the Season One FINALE of Fry and Cry! Oh you better believe we're going out with a BANG frybabies! Our heroes Evan and Erica are tackling Disney/Pixar's UP. This move takes no tear prisoners. You will BAWL. You will SCREAM. You will HUG ANYTHING NEAR TO YOU all in the first 10 minutes. Not even Erica "I don't cry at animated movies" Smocynski can resist. YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!!! Not only is the movie epic, but the adventure our heroes find themselves in is wild as well. Evan "the genius" Causey has converted the Fry and Cry studio into a flying machine which due to circumstances that are NOT HIS FAULT falls out of the sky leaving our favorite people (and cat) trapped in the JUNGLE! It's ok though, because they are too busy CRYING over the pure, sweet BEAUTY of the most emotionally enriched animated film of ALL time to fight about it...for the most part.

  • #11 - E.T. (The EXTRA-Terrestrial)
    #11 - E.T. (The EXTRA-Terrestrial)
    Duration: 53min | 03/05/2019

    Do you have any spare change for the payphone Frybabies? We need to PHONE HOME!! That reference is straight outta the 80s and so is THIS MOVIE! Fry and Cry is talking about ET! Our heroes, Evan and Erica, have been captured by the GOVERNMENT! As if being held against their will in a secret research lab Is going to stop them from having a wild discussion about how ET is the stuff of nightmares for some people! Evan has a wild conspiracy theory about the movie, and Erica delivers an Oscar winning speech! Stay alert Frybabies! Evan and Erica are not alone. They are joined by a a visitor from another world! He’s not just EXTRA- Terrestrial. He’s Terrestrial XXL!

  • #10 - Mamma Mia Here We Go Again
    #10 - Mamma Mia Here We Go Again
    Duration: 51min | 19/04/2019

    Spring Break 2019!!! Are you ready for SUN? Are you ready to PARTY? Are you ready to mourn the death of a loved one?! GREAT! We're watching Mamma Mia Here We Go Again! Our heroes Evan & Erica continue their mission of saving the future by heading down to Greece to be guest judges in a Mamma Mia singing competition! Much like Spring Break, Mamma Mia 2 at first glance comes off as a doofy, corny romp with ZERO emotional content, HOWEVER, by the end you'll be a HOT MESS of tears, regrets, and probably have a tattoo you don't remember getting. Still not convinced Mamma Mia 2 is a sad movie? THAT'S FINE! ABBA super fans, Evan & Erica will spend the next 52 minutes of their live trying to change your mind! So TAKE A CHANCE ON FRY AND CRY!

  • #9 - Terminator 2
    #9 - Terminator 2
    Duration: 52min | 05/04/2019

    You're gonna need to SIT DOWN for this one Frybabies. A mysterious traveler from THE FUTURE has come for Evan & Erica, with an important message. Turns out this podcast is going to SAVE HUMANITY because in the year 2331 people lose the ability to cry, and the world is in desperate need of becoming more emotionally venerable! We know, it's a lot. Our heroes embrace their new destiny WITH COURAGE and continue their (and our journey) of...crying and eating with TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY. Evan is NOT happy that most folks overlook this movie when they think of sad flicks, and boy will he let you hear about it. Erica opens up her book of conspiracy theories and walks us through the legend known as THE JOHN CONOR CURESE (Sppooooooooky). Also there's a new KICK ASS theme song. Saviors of the Universe kinda need those. This is Fry and Cry y'all and you know it's gonna get sad, fattening, and more than a little weird!

  • #8 - Pleasantville
    #8 - Pleasantville
    Duration: 42min | 22/03/2019

    *Cue Laugh Track* This week Evan & Erica watch the satirical masterpiece Pleasantville, and boy are things weird Frybabies. It seems as if our heroes have been sucked into a television sitcom themselves, much like the protagonists in the movie, coincidence? Despite these frightening, and frankly, outdated conditions Evan & Erica try to make the best of it by having a peachy keen discussion about art, life, and how Evan can't tell the difference between the opening of this movie and the opening of Spider-Man. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be very concerned for Evan & Erica's safety, because all though everything seems swell on the surface, the new environment our heroes find themselves in has a...PECULIAR effect on them. Get ready for a VERY SPECIAL episode of Fry and Cry!

  • #7 - The Help
    #7 - The Help
    Duration: 39min | 07/03/2019

    Fry me a river y'all! The MISSISSIPPI river to be exact, because this week Fry and Cry is watching THE HELP. That's right, OSCAR AWARD WINNING film The Help, which feature a woman eating a pie made of poop (NO JOKE). As you can tell this one's a pretty serious flick Frybabies, and our heroes Evan and Erica might not survive. Evan comes up with a few awards of his own to give the lovely folks of HOLLYWOOD and Erica puts out a hit out on Bryce Dallas Howard. If you like AMAZING acting, a story that will CRUSH your little sugar glazed soul, and songs about SWEET POTATOES...then this is the episode for you. If you don't like any of those things....rude.

  • #6 - The Perfect Storm
    #6 - The Perfect Storm
    Duration: 40min | 22/02/2019

    Batten down the hatches Frybabies! We’re shippin’ up to GLOUCESTER  to watch The Perfect Storm. Captain George Clooney is catching fish but can our heroes catch some feels? Evan celebrates his love for the mean the “C” as in “John C Reilly”. Erica prefers Marky Mark (Wahlberg) who fights a Sharky Shark (Not Wahlberg). This really is an all-star CAST, and the actors are good to. You see, that was a fishing pun...nevermind  you wouldn’t get it. You’re not from Gloucester.

  • #5 - The Florida Project
    #5 - The Florida Project
    Duration: 40min | 15/02/2019

    Throw on your swim suit and dive in the pool (it'll hide your tears) because we're watching THE FLORIDA PROJECT! This is a very special episode Frybabies, because not only are our heroes Evan & Erica up against the SADDEST MOVIE THEY'VE WATCHED SO FAR (no jk!) but they also must face unforgiving, harsh, and quite literally lethal conditions. That's right! This episode is coming to you live from Florida! OH THE HUMIDITY! Does this movie feature Walt Disney World? Yes. Does this movies really make you cry? Yes EVEN HARDER! The mosquitos are BUZZING and so is the discussion! Evan, a Floridian himself, shares stories of how cows just roam that land, while Erica recounts tales of the casual arson she's committed, also she brought her CAT, Bernard. He is just the CUTEST but don't get too close, he's a wily one! Pour yourself a Mai Tai! In fact, pour SEVEN! You'll need them, Florida doesn't take prisoners. 

  • #4 - Toy Story 3
    #4 - Toy Story 3
    Duration: 37min | 07/02/2019

    PIXAR! Need we say more?! They sure do put the TOY in "TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS!". This week our heroes watch Toy Story 3 and boy is there a snake in their boots. Things get a little weird in this one Frybabies! Evan explains how this movie is basically THE WALKING DEAD, Erica campaigns for Woody to run for president in 2020, and they both go TOO far down the rabbit hole unpacking what the existence of a toy is like and LOSE THEIR MINDS! There are also some SCARY text messages from Evan & Erica's producer, but don't worry about those y'all! They're probably nothing! Reach for the sky, and also a nice glass of WARM MILK! It's time to EMBRACE that childhood and CRY like someone's poisoned the water hole! I mean who DIDN'T shed a tear at Toy Story 3...oh wait it's ERICA? What's up with that?!

  • #3 - Whats Eating Gilbert Grape
    #3 - What's Eating Gilbert Grape
    Duration: 38min | 01/02/2019

    It's a bird! It's a plane! NO!!! It's Lil' Baby Leo DiCaprio! This week on Fry and Cry our heroes Evan & Erica watch the midwestern epic "What's Eating Gilbert Grape". Iowa is a LOVELY place to live. Unless your name happens to be GILBERT GRAPE, in which case, your life is filled charming small town antics such as psychopathic insurance salesmen, birthday parties that end with arson, and FAMILY OBLIGATIONS! It's a tragic tale that moves us to....well really anywhere besides Iowa. Evan shares a really cool and NOT embarrassing story about his marching band days while Erica declares her undying love for Target. Pull up and ear of corn and Boo Hoo with us!

  • #2 - A Walk to Remember
    #2 - A Walk to Remember
    Duration: 34min | 25/01/2019

    Boy Howdy!  The emotional SPARKS are flying this week! As in NICHOLAS SPARKS. Thats right Frybabies! This week, our heroes Evan & Erica are watching "A Walk to Remember". It is said that the tears of SAD TEENS hold a mystical HEALING power, but can they win over Evan who has a DISDAIN for high school foolishness?! Join us as we discuss our personal bucket lists, plans to take down corporate movie theatre chains, and the UNRELENTING CUTENESS of this movie that will leave you BEGGING for MOORE, as in MANDY MOORE! Let's get sad, this is Fry and Cry!

  • #1 - Marley and Me
    #1 - Marley and Me
    Duration: 34min | 17/01/2019

    Hello Beautiful People! Welcome to Fry and Cry. The podcast where we watch our favorite sad movies while eating some really bad food. In this, the DEBUT episode, our heroes Evan & Erica watch Marley & Me and OH Baybeeeee do the tears start rolling. Nothing is sadder than a sad dog movie! The emotions (and the calories) get unLEASHed as they sob their way through a talk of life, love, and douchey Florida bros. Grab some tissues, hug a dog (doesn't have to be yours!), and use humor to hide your emotional venerability!