French Fry Friends

French Fry Friends


Three unqualified and self appointed foodies talk about food in a way that's part comedy, part disaster. Join Carter, Dakota, and Sergio for a biweekly discussion of the latest news, lore, and discourse behind our favorite foods.


  • 3: Cake — It Should Have Been Easier
    3: Cake — It Should Have Been Easier
    Duration: 42min | 05/01/2019

    This episode is incredibly late The holidays got to us Heres another one from October this one is about cakeCome join Carter Dakota and Sergio as we all learn about the wonders of cake

  • 2: Coffee With Goblin Regret
    2: Coffee With Goblin Regret
    Duration: 58min | 06/12/2018

    This episode of French Fry Friends was recorded in late October Well be going through a short backlog before we start posting episodes recorded closer to their release date For now please join Carter Dakota and Sergio as they take you on a journey through the world of coffee and some coffee companionsFollow us on twitter twittercomFryFriendsCastFollow us on instagram instagramcomfryfriendscastEmail us at fryfriendscastgmailcom

  • 1: Theres No Theme, Give Us A Break
    1: There's No Theme, Give Us A Break
    Duration: 48min | 22/11/2018

    This episode was recorded in early October Whoops Unfortunately life happened and plans changed Theres no theme for this one because we really dont have it together TwitterInstagram

  • Pilot Episode
    Pilot Episode
    Duration: 25min | 30/10/2018

    Carter Dakota and Sergio introduce you to the podcast as well as the segments theyll each be covering in future episodes in this special introductory episodeFollow us on twitter httpstwittercomFryFriendsCast