Mindfulness Meditation for Self-Healing

Mindfulness Meditation for Self-Healing


This series of mindfulness meditations will help you to appreciate life in the present moment as you connect with your senses, thoughts and feelings. This is the sixth title in the series which has been designed to help you heal your mind and body. The meditation also has a shamanic flavour to it as it guides you to focus your energy on clearing blocks and negativity in your energy field, which can sometimes be the hidden cause of physical illness. Whilst the physical sensations of pain and discomfort are often unpleasant, it is the constant struggle in the mind that can magnify health issues. This recording will help you to gently explore the sensations in your body with a mindful curiosity and in turn help you to reduce or even remove any discomfort. It also includes a beautiful visualisation by a mountain, which aims to help you feel more centred and in the present moment. Being mindful will make it easier to notice and enjoy the pleasures in life as they unfold, and help to change the way you react to stressful situations or any illness or pain. Glenn’s acclaimed meditation techniques combine with deeply relaxing music by Russ Davey to create a powerful session that will hel...

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  • Chapter 1
    Duration: 36min
  • Chapter 2
    Duration: 10min