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A self-Help podcast with a difference. Deep in the mud, author, Kelly Martin takes you through life challenges in a soothing and supportive way as she herself travels through issues like anxiety, depression, the void, failure and success and much more. Real and raw where deep vulnerability becomes a strength not a weakness. Easy to absorb for when life becomes a little too tough and overwhelming. Free inspirational and empowering teachings published weekly.


  • If You Focus on What Is Not Working

    16/04/2020 Duration: 16min

    It is easy to focus on what is not working in the world, especially right now, BUT what if you want a new story and you want to see your life differently? This episode is for you. Visit to view the transcript and to support the channel.

  • What the World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love

    09/04/2020 Duration: 18min

    It can be hard to have faith, to keep going during this pandemic and coronavirus crisis. What lessons do others have? In this episode I talk about what we need right now and also a lovely message of wisdom, seriousness and faith from Italy. Full transcript available at Kelly Martin Speaks

  • Why You Need To Keep Going When Life Feels Hard

    02/04/2020 Duration: 16min

    If you are feeling suicidal or very depressed, this episode may be for you. In it I share a short soothing message of wisdom that I discovered during my own depression journey. I hope it helps you. For full transcript visit

  • When The World Is In Chaos Do This!

    26/03/2020 Duration: 19min

    In the last episode I talked about How to Manage in a Time of Chaos, in this episode I go one step further and give clear guidance on what to do during this pandemic and what NOT to do and also how we may feel deeply unfocused more than ever. Visit for the full transcript

  • How To Manage The Chaos In Life

    19/03/2020 Duration: 20min

    As the world is under intense change right now with Coronavirus Covid-19 in this episode I share with you how to manage the chaos and how to view what is taking place in a new way. Prepared to be soothed if you are feeling anxious. Visit to view the full transcript.

  • Coronavirus - How to Have Clarity and Perspective

    12/03/2020 Duration: 16min

    How do we see with clarity and perspective when the world is giving us different information, people are in panic-mode and naturally very scared over Coronavirus? In this episode I take you through a gentle acceptance of the experience, to soothe and calm. Full transcript available at Kelly Martin Speaks

  • Is the Feeling of 'Not Good Enough' Ruining Your Life?

    05/03/2020 Duration: 16min

    Some people think that thinking positive is all it takes to change a life story, but sometimes we need to dig deeper and discover unconscious pain that needs our help, so that we can move forward and begin a new chapter. In this episode I dive deep into not feeling good enough and also bring attention to the voices that may feel we ought to be someone else other than who we are. If you would like to read the transcript visit

  • Are You Sick and Tired of Walking on Eggshells?

    27/02/2020 Duration: 20min

    Do you feel uncomfortable around certain people? Or do people in your life become volatile a lot which makes you feel you are on guard all of the time? You can change this, but it takes discipline. In this episode I talk about walking on eggshells and also being in a relationship with someone who has emotionally unstable personality disorder or borderline personality disorder. It also includes how to recognise someone with this disorder. The full transcript is available at

  • Don't Punish YOU for Your Failures

    20/02/2020 Duration: 18min

    An occasional experience of failure can be easy to get back up and dust ourselves off, but sometimes we feel like life is one big failure. How do we stop punishing ourselves and find a new way? Visit for the full transcript

  • Why Our Need To Be Loved Is A Longing For Home

    13/02/2020 Duration: 19min

    As Valentine's Day approaches, the subject of love may be on your mind, but what if you are single or in a difficult relationship? What if you have this inner discontent with 'what is'? Maybe you are looking for something else, a sense of home? You will find out all about this deeper desire in this weeks podcast episode. To read the transcript in full, please visit and use the search box for the title of this podcast episode.

  • How To Find Your Lost Passion

    06/02/2020 Duration: 18min

    Have you felt devoid of passion for a long time? Have you lost enthusiasm for life, be it because of loss or depression? What about your wanting, do you feel your wants are a lacking commitment? If so this episode is for you. Visit to read the full transcript

  • Ho’oponopono - How To Heal and Love Your Life

    30/01/2020 Duration: 20min

    Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian tradition that sometimes confuses people on how to do it, how does it work, why use it? In this episode I talk about this healing tradition and the benefits from working with it. For the full transcript visit

  • When Commitment Knocks at The Door

    23/01/2020 Duration: 14min

    Do you think you self-sabotage a lot? Is the need for a quick fix something that has driven you for too long and you want to be able to embrace the process, commit to something, even if it is uncomfortable at times? This episode will support you in doing so. Visit to read the full transcript

  • How To Accept That People Are Self-Centred

    16/01/2020 Duration: 15min

    Relating to others can be hard, but what do we do when it appears we have been in relationship or working with self-centred or self-absorbed people? And when the business, project or relationship ends, how do we handle this experience? This episode will show you how. The full transcript is available at

  • Are My Sinuses Expressing Hidden Emotional Pain?

    09/01/2020 Duration: 14min

    Have you ever considered that your sinuses could be carrying some hidden emotional pain? What if grief or loneliness were the cause for your physical symptoms? What about the 'common cold'? What if the cure for the common cold is emotionally based? Find out more in this thought provoking podcast episode.

  • COURAGE: Be The Lion Not The Sheep

    19/12/2019 Duration: 13min

    Do you feel that you are limiting who you are by being part of the status quo or group mind? Is it time to start questioning your reality more? Are you ready for greater freedom? Listen to this episode to empower your life.

  • Stop Apologising For Being You

    12/12/2019 Duration: 16min

    Have you been apologising for being you? If you communicate in a more assertive or feisty way do you feel guilty? Maybe playing 'Mr or Mrs Nice' is making you feel angry or limited. If so this episode is for you. It is time to let your fire out.

  • Being Grateful For The Pain Journey

    28/11/2019 Duration: 13min

    How can you feel grateful for the pain journey? What is there to be grateful for? In this episode I talk a little about my own gratitude for my current pain journey and also share an inspirational message from someone who has gone through great loss.

  • Are You Frightened To Let Go Of Loved Ones?

    21/11/2019 Duration: 17min

    Are you deeply attached to your loved ones? Is this causing you to feel scared of them dying or leaving? Is dependency making you feel a bit out of control? In this episode I go into my own fear of loss and also letting go of attachment to loved ones. 

  • Is Your Judgement Preventing You Receiving?

    14/11/2019 Duration: 17min

    Have you ever considered that your judgements, often unconscious, may be preventing you from receiving what you want in life? What if I told you that the relationship you wanted may be hard to receive because of your views on relationships or men or women? Listen to this podcast where I go into a fear of loss and other judgements that hold us back. FULL TRANSCRIPT on website

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